Logo Design

Logos are an important asset for your business and help your customers identify who you are and what you stand for. They assist in the forming of your identity as an extension of yourself, consolidating the essence of your brand so that you can be recognised by your customers amongst competitors.


  • Professional logo – It’s easy to spot the difference between a well-designed logo and one that is not. Our designers create well thought through logos that both look good and are functional for the professional space.
  • Versatility – It is important that your logo is versatile for different uses. It should be able to be used on multiple platforms, including web, print and promotional, while also working in different colour schemes including black and white. This means you can get the optimum use out of your logo.
  • Refinement – The design process involves a series of refinements so your logo is just right. From brainstorming various different designs to the final product each stage means you can make changes to ensure your logo represents you exactly the way you want.
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Logo Design Benefits

I know use Media Sociale for all aspects of by business, weather that be SEM/SEO, website design, graphic design etc. These guys are seriously good at what they do and i would be happy to recommend them to all!
Ash, Adelaide Suits Direct

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of people say blue is their favourite colour
of top brands have blue in their logo
different Google logos have been used since it began
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