Social Media

Use a professional

Anyone with a mobile phone can make some posts. Anyone with a bit of charm can get some likes. It takes something more to get leads, sales, and returning customers. Social media for a business takes knowledge, time, and resources. Your digital presence is the main way people see you. Make sure it’s being managed by professionals. Our team can get you a return on investment, not just more likes. We feed your bottom line, not your vanity.

What’s right for you?

People don’t follow plumbers on Instagram. People don’t want a Snapchat from their lawyer. Different businesses need to use different platforms to be effective. Marketing dollars are an investment, and we only invest yours in platforms that work for you.

Know your results

We use professional tools to analyse everything we do. For every social media post, we know exactly how many people have seen it, and how much it’s worth to you. You don’t need throw money into a mysterious marketing machine. We are always proud to show you our results in concrete numbers.

“The Media Sociale team understands exactly what our business needs. Every day, we get new customers who’ve seen us on social media. They really know what they’re doing.”

Rebekah ~ The Rob Roy Hotel