Social Battleground

We all know there’s a bunch of social media platforms out there, but have you thought about how they work for your business? We spend hours scrolling through feeds so lets send them to the battleground. Here we discuss some strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

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There’s more to Facebook than the memes and gifs that flood your newsfeed.


  • Reach: Facebook is the most popular social media platform. 95% of people on social networks use Facebook [1].
  • Various types of posts: Facebook allows you to post text, images, carousels, and video, making it a versatile platform.
  • Business tools: Facebook provides comprehensive tools to manage your business presence.


  • Organic reach: While you may have many fans, the Facebook algorithm means it might not reach a large about of people. Posts often need financial backing to reach a large amount of people.
  • The algorithm: Facebook prioritises people over pages, so to build a following you need a strong base or to spend up big.




  • Visual: if you have something that looks good, chances are it will work well on instagram.
  • Instagram stories: Unlike Snapchat, you don’t have to be friends to view someone’s story, this means you’re more likely to reach more people.
  • Discoverable: Instagram is a discoverable platform, making it easier for people to find you.


  • Suitability: if your business is not something that is visually appealing it can be difficult to create interest.
  • Posting only from the app: this means you can only post from your phone and it doesn’t have the ease of desktop posting like other platforms.
  • No in app scheduling: Instagram doesn’t let you schedule ahead of time meaning if you want to post at 3am you need to be awake to do it. There are some apps that let you get around this problem such as Knackmap.

Snapchat vs Instagram


Dog filter anyone?


  • Interactive – You can send short messaged throughout the day without it feeling like a ‘bombardment’. The new addition of Geofilters also bring extra interactivity.
  • Competition – Snapchat has comparibaly less competitions with other businesses on the same platform.


  • Reach: you have to be friends to see someone’s snaps and it can be hard to encourage people to add you.
  • Business support: Outside of Geofilters, snapchat has poor support for business needs.


A little birdy told me….


  • Short sharp and shiny. Get your message across in a punchline.
  • Can track hashtags – and can be good for hashtag engagement.
  • Engagement – Twitter is useful to build an engaged community.


  • Reach: it can be hard to create a large following on Twitter.
  • Characters: You only have 140 characters to communicate in, sometimes this just isn’t enough.
  • Business support: Twitter has poorer support for business needs compared to other platforms.


Like Facebook, for business people.


  • Types of advertising: Linkedin is a rich advertising platform offering unique types of advertisements.
  • B2B space: Linkedin is prime space for B2B communications.
  • Networking: Make the most of your network to grow your business through Linkedin.


  • Growth: Compared to other platforms, it can be hard to grow a following on a business page.
  • B2C: Compared to some other networks, your target audience may not be active Linkedin users.

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