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Most brands dream of being able to engage there audience within their personal communications and interactions. The release of Geofilters as a paid offering to business has finally given them another avenue they can attempt to do this and get their customers sharing their brand in their personal messaging.

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What is Snapchat and who uses it

Snapchat is a social media platform where users engage with each other primarily through sending each other self destructing images. According to Snapchats internal reports 41% of people aged between 18 and 34 in the US engage with its platform every day.

What is a Geofilter

Snapchat Geofilters are an overlay which users can apply to their images if they are within the geolocation of the filter. Geofilters where originally restricted to the Snapchat team, but have been rolled out first for community suggestions and now an on demand (paid) offering for people and businesses.

Application Ideas

Its all well and good to have another tool in your belt, but we thought we would share some ideas of how you could use it for your brand.

  • Events: If you are running events people are likely to share with their friends, setting up a Geofilter is a good way to spread your brand while adding something to their story.
  • Competitions: You could tie it into a competition for who can create the best photo with the filter.
  • Awareness: Create a filter promoting your business and target an area you expect your customers to frequent (and what to Snapchat)
  • Poaching: While we do not necessarily condone this kind of campaign, you could always run a “Wish we’d used Media Sociale” over the location of a competitor

Our Trial

We always value having real data to report on before we tell everyone how awesome something is, so we ran a trail at the Rob Roy Hotel’s – Melbourne Cup lunch (thanks to the Roy for letting us use them as a test). We created a single filter in the same branding as the event (see below screenshot) which we setup to run between 10:30am and 10:30pm over the 31,000 sq ft the is the Rob Roy.

Throughout the day the Melbourne Cup Geofilter was used and sent to friends a total of 27 times; however what was really impressive was that those 27 snaps where viewed 1244 times throughout the next 24 hours.

The exercise cost us USD 15.53 + 10 minutes of graphic design, working out for a cost per impression of USD 0.01 which we thought was pretty good.

Melbourne Cup Snapchat results