Project Description

SupaShock website


An innovative, design, IP developer and manufacturer of high-end, respected world-leading shock absorbers, dampers and vehicle analysis and design services. It is a division of The Dynamic Engineering Solution Pty Ltd, located in South Australia.

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As one of the bigger manufacturers in it’s respective field, but you wouldn’t know about that based on their online presence. They wanted to work with someone who could bring them into the modern era, but also ensure that the brand and what they were about would be clear to ensure that new business enquires were for the sort of work they wanted.


Media Sociale worked with the client t0 help them communicate who they were and why someone would choose them. Once the message was clear, the design of the site was developed to enhance the projection of this message, as well as keeping it on brand. This included wire-framing, user cases and more to ensure that the site was set-up in a way to meet the objectives set.

As part of the new design, we were also commissioned to create custom icons for the website.

Once the design and message were clear, defined and integrated, we brought this site to completion and a live environment, with the site built in a WordPress framework.

We went a step further, though. WordPress is often known to be a bit more of a slower CMS if you do not look after the site infrastructure, plugins and working on speed and performance of the site. We brought the site speed to under 1.5 seconds, and worked through the various speed and performance indicators which Google looks at to measure site value. This gave considerable clout to the site compared to the previous version of the site which took over 6 seconds to load.

SupaShock website on devices
SupaShock website on tablet
SupaShock website on OSX


  • A clearly communicated message
  • A mobile and browser responsive website
  • A high performing site
  • Enhanced brand image
supashock custom icons