Project Description


A local software company with a strong focus on R&D and progressive strategies.


Coming to us as a new business with no identity or branding assets, they needed both a logo and brand assets to reflect themselves to give them a sense of self to take with them as their business grows and develops in to the future.


To undertake this exercise we had to dig to the core of who they are. Here we found what the fundamental words to describe the brand are: focused, reliable, visionary, innovative, disruptive and agile. From here we created an identity to reflect their values and sense of self through the creation of a logo and complimentary brand assets.

To form the foundation of an identity and create a logo resemblant of this we looked at what their name really means. The words ‘Elit’ ‘nexu’ translate from Latin to roughly ‘mind developer’. From here we developed a logo around the idea of a helix or atom to connect the name to its roots. The final logo consisted of two elements, the text and the icon in a 3D effect. This was to communicate the high-end look and feel, while remaining versatile for use digitally and in print.

Elitnexu was also in need of assets for print use. We applied the logo created as well as its brand colour scheme to create print assets, which carry a consistent theme to ensure clear communication. The assets show professionalism with a pop of fun with the bright hues from the brand colour scheme.

  • Business cards
  • Envelopes
  • Document templates


With an identity that is recognisable and reflects exactly who they are, they are able to use this to build their brand and business in the future and allows future customers to begin building a relationship with the business.