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A company with a vision. Their vision is to spread optimism contagiously, instil hope and promote the courage to pursue your passion.


Operating completely online enables them to connect people from all corners of the globe.

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Sharing to inspire is the basis of our client. They utilised an online platform allowing; regular updates and enhancements by owners, sharing and commenting by members and the ability to add in ecommerce in the near future. Facebook had been used up to this point to grow the brand and start to fulfil the vision however a greater level of customisation to grow further.


To satisfy the needs of our client we created a WordPress solution. Through this process we worked closely with the owners to ensure everything they envisioned was included and that they understood how they could interact with the site upon completion to regularly update content

WordPress was used to create a custom platform, in which users could share their experiences, and an integrated advanced commenting system to add that extra dimension of community which the founders were seeking. The ability to sign in through social media was also included in the site so both online platforms could be used by members seamlessly, enhancing user experience.

Tracking was another need that had to be met so they could really understand how they were growing as a brand and how members were interacting with the site to allow ongoing development, to fulfil this need Google analytics were used allowing them to track multiple metrics.

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The site launch was a success with over 300 people visiting in the first day and ongoing interaction with the site by members over the month.


Site managers and owners have been able to update content on a regular basis easily and without assistance.

Users are able to move seamlessly between social pages to the website seamlessly with the ability to comment and interact on a personal level.

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