Project Description


A company with a vision. Their vision is to spread optimism contagiously, instil hope and promote the courage to pursue your passion.


As brand that inspires, they needed an identity to represent that. The logo was to represent who they are while being recognisable, as well as for use in various brand assets and promotional items.


We were tasked with creating a logo and assets for KNQR. Both the logo and assets were to have a modern and sleek feel while instilling the feeling of inspiration and hope. As KNQR grows into the future and inspires more people their identity must be recognisable in order for people to build a relationship with the brand.

To create a logo and identity for KNQR we analysed the core of the brand; spreading inspiration. The logo was to be clean, simple, and iconic, while also being functional in black and white. From here we brainstormed various logos. Ultimately the outcome was a sleek design with feature colour of yellow to contrast with the black and also provide a sense of fun.

We also created assets including promotional material. This included stationery, business cards, and promotional items including caps. These items were to be used to spread the word about KNQR and promote the inspirational stories they share about conquering life. Communication and promotional assets reflect the brand and the identity, which allows people to create and build long lasting relationships with KNQR and they continue to inspire and instil hope in more and more people.


KNQR has developed an identity in which their logo has created a sleek and modern feel that is versatile for use digitally, in print, and for promotional material. They have been able to spread the message of their brand to engage and inspire people all around the world.