Project Description

rob roy hotel branding


Operating since 1840, This local pub has stood strong and celebrated 175 years of operation in 2015. This called for an identity refresh that draws from the establishment’s history and infused it with contemporary sensibilities.

rob roy hotel logo


The hotel needed to match todays expectations of a modern, flexible function venue and sophisticated dining environment whilst maintaining the warm and inviting feel the current customers love and expect.


Many concepts were provided to the client to allow for a more modern and iconic logo. From featuring a lions head to focusing on the R’s in a stylised way, the owners were able to narrow down what they felt best represented the hotel for Media Sociale to refine further.

rob roy hotel logo designs

Sketches were then digitally created to allow for refinement and show how type options would look as a finished product. The progression shows a bold, modern yet friendly approach

A circular logo that functions in black and white as well as copper, it can be broken apart to use as just the RR symbol, whole or landscape text. Each component works in unison and successfully across a variety of print and digital mediums.


A stationary suite was created to cater for all ends of the business, from letterheads and generic business cards to personalised staff members, invoicing, envelopes and with comps. Various in house material such as function brochures and whiskey tasting mats were also easily made accessible to staff.

rob roy hotel stationary kit
rob roy hotel menus


Separate drinks menus cover everything from beer, wine and cocktails to cigars and whiskey. A clean approach was taken to these formats as not to blast the customer with the hotels branding but keep it subtle and professional. In saying so, no pub should be without their own beer coasters.

With new owners came a new menu. Not only did the refurbishments and branding all have to align but the food being served would take the hotel to a whole new level. An A3 trifold layout was chosen to allow for space minimisation on the table as well as break down the menu items logically and clearly. For the kids, we had some fun and created a square booklet that can be fully customised and taken home to keep. Once opened up it is a page full of activities to keep them entertained pre and post meal, with the theme being updated seasonally.

As a busy venue the hotel often requires posters and other tools to promote events they are holding or remind customers of specials etc. With such versatile branding we have been able to keep a consistent look and feel across all collateral without it ever appearing dull

rob roy hotel events