Project Description


Us! We wouldn’t encourage others to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves.


We wanted to test the capabilities of social media for ourselves to see what we could do.


Our goal on our social media platforms is to share our knowledge and resources with the community to be a go-to source of information.


Putting our brand to the test we created a social strategy that aligned with our business objectives in order to grow our social media presence and test our capabilities online.

To reach our goal we embarked on a social media journey. We created a campaign to run over multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram. While posting regular content, the heart of our strategy was to share our knowledge and we did this through a number of outlets.

Our blog has become a go-to source of information, with new and fresh content uploaded regularly. We combined the strategic direction of our website with the direction of our social media and incorporated blog posts as part of our regular social media content. Now we post on average 1 blog per week, to keep our followers up to date with any news and thoughts on digital marketing through all of our social media platforms.

As our journey progressed we incorporated video as a new type of information source. Video is an engaging post type in small bite size pieces. The team at Media Sociale got their thinking caps on to discuss their thoughts and ideas related to the digital space and any new developments.


Our social campaign has seen positive results for us since its beginnings. Here is a little insight of what we’ve seen.