Project Description

Rob Roy Social


This local pub is a pub everyone wishes was their local and could frequent every day.

rob roy hotel logo


The pub’s new management team approached Media Sociale, as the hotel was traditionally seen as a Scottish Pub. The team wanted to change this perception and be known as a hot location amongst Adelaide Pub Goers.


We developed a social media strategy for the Rob Roy Hotel that put the food, culture and people at the heart of it’s conversations and communications.

The Result

After the client approved, we implemented the strategy and began seeing fantastic results straight away.

  • Increase in social reach from under 5,000 per month to over 70,000 per month
  • Engagement increased 10 fold
  • General buzz and activity across the main social networks increased from an ad-hoc post once a week to a more regimented content calendar.

The campaign is not over yet and as we continue to work with the client, we are seeing a continuing return on investment every month. Now more than ever, the pub is feeling comfortable and confident in running Society Dinners for Beer, Wine and Whisky as well as Masterclasses and special functions. Knowing that they can count on their visibility online to generate awareness, interest and enquires.

rob roy hotel social media calendar
Social Insight
“We have seen considerable and measurable results with Media Sociale managing our social media. Marcus and his team really took the time to understand our business, key outcomes and goals to develop a strategy of content delivery and provide an easy to use platform for communication.”