Project Description


A financial arranger for specialist and project finance.


Coming to us with no branding, and they needed us to give them an identity to give their business meaning and credibility as they grow in to the future and expand their business.


Starting from having no identity, we had to start from scratch to give our client an identity and sense of self. We began brainstorming ideas that reflected their business in order to create an identity that is recognisable and resemblant of who they are.

To start with, our client needed a logo in order for people to recognise the brand. After refinement, the logo resembles a coin with a trowel symbol; close to the heart of what the business does, and ultimately gives a more physical representation of their business. The design of the coin’s edging was derived from the 2015 Australian gold sovereign coin while the trowel symbol is a traditional symbol of the building industry, thus linking them to the people they service.

After coming to us with nothing we created print and digital assets to begin using. This included double sided business cards. Other digital material included vector images to use on the website and other digital materials. The creation of assets means that there is consistent branding across all communication channels, and attributes to the formation of their identity.


We developed an identity that our client can carry into the future and develop their business with. Their logo has been successful for all applications including online, print and in other mediums. Future clients are able to identify their brand and therefore start building a relationship with the business in to the future.