Project Description

Voiteck SEO


A local telecommunications provider who focuses on providing the best service to there local customers as well as white labeling there services for other businesses.

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After having little success with other online agencies they approached us of a referral to change the way they utilized the online space. There main focus was on generating leads and awareness for there business.


After an initial strategic workshop and digital strategy, we started rebuilt there website, setup social media and ran a SEO campaign to achieve the results. Our findings indicated that there website was being penalized for a number of reasons, especially its poor performance on mobile devices and lack of fresh content. We also noted that they had limited content specific to the keywords they where looking to target and hence we not appearing on there customers searches at all.

social increase

We spent 6 months re-aligning their website foundations and content, including creating a new mobile and browser friendly website and updating the flow of the website to encourage enquires. We then identified problematic third party backlinks, and increased the amount of high quality backlinks.

We also ran a social media campaign across the course of these 6 months to increase traffic and online brand visibility.

voiteck seo performance graph

The result?

  • Traffic to the website increased over 7x
  • Increase in visibility on search
  • Increase in reach overall, through the commencement of social media marketing.