Project Description

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Business SA are an organisation who work as the voice of South Australian businesses to ensure their voice is heard and they are represented in important discussions.

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Business SA were about to launch an energy deal for their members and needed an online tool to educate members about the energy industry which has traditionally not been user friendly. This would involve an interactive online tool to assist users to understand the benefits they could potentially receive by switching providers and taking advantage of the deal.


Our UX designer used contemporary technology to come up with an interface which took users on a highly supported and seamless journey through the calculation tool. The key to doing this was to minimise any roadblocks users could be presented and maximise comfort in moving through the tool.


At every step it was important for us to consider compliance standards set by the energy sector, this meant taking extra care at every step to ensure all aspects of the tool were 100% compliant to protect our customer.


This tool works to both educate users while also extracting necessary information from them to be able to provide the report detailing the savings

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Users were able to use the tool to be educated about how their current billing worked and also to get a report on the savings they could realize should they choose to take advantage of the deal Business SA is offering.

  • 22% of people who visited the site completed the full journey, entering contact and billing details.
  • 42% of people who were presented with an offer choose to take it and go ahead with the deal.
UX design tablet ux design tablet