Why you should consider Dynamic over a Static Logo

A logo is just something you stick in the corner of letterheads and the middle of business cards right?

By Lisa-May | December 14th, 2016

Desktop Logo

Sure, if it was 1996! For quite some time now ‘brands’ (not companies, organizations or businesses) have been maxismisng their presence in the marketplace just by being adaptive. And I don’t mean simply by keeping up with technology, social media etc but by being smart about their logo and branding. We have all felt that breathe of fresh air when a company we’ve all known forever rebrands themselves, joining the 21st century with a more modern looking typeface and/or sleeker version of their original logo. But what if your logo could have any font or colour depending on where you wanted to use it? Dreams do come true and many brands have been doing this for years. The key is to keep it simple.

Some Great Examples Include


Google Logos

Although only recently modernized, their colours are iconic and when you go to the homepage you will have noticed how they almost daily change their logo to celebrate a birthday, recognize someone of great achievement or highlight a day we should all be aware of. Not only does this show that google is a company that pays attention to the world around them, it makes them more interactive and fun. Something any consumer will appreciate as no one likes dull, repetition.

City of Melbourne

City of Melbourne Logos

A big geometric, modern M that changes colour and/or pattern depending on use. Can be toned down for serious documents or occasions and even scaled up to be crazy and colourful for festivals and events. This has however since been replicated or recreated many times over in other brands / business’ so if you recognize this look but not in Melbourne, that’s probably why.

So What is This Called?

A logo that is flexible and able to change yet still be recognizable is often referred to as a dynamic logo. Where as a traditional logo that is only ever seen in one or two ways ie icon with word/name or without, is known as a static logo. Why would I want so much variation? Isn’t that just confusing to consumers? For a new business starting out, possibly, but its good to be open to the idea of it. You don’t ever want to be limited in choices of signage, stationary, uniforms, websites etc just because your logo only works one way. Dynamic logos ‘can improve consumers’ engagement levels and, eventually, their attitude towards brands.’ Ultimately, dynamic logos help the consumer relate to your brand, depending how far you take it, even feel like they are the brand – and that’s the ultimate success. That’s not to say many static logo’s don’t work as effectively – think twitter or facebook – they each have their own iconic shade of blue but work equally as well in white over a colour or photo. However, it’s more the platform that they have created that makes this brand a success. As long as your logo can be reversed, work in black and white as well as colour, it should be usable in any medium or platform. But if you want more flexibility today, tomorrow or in the near future – consider a dynamic logo over static.