Why WordPress is my First Choice for Web Design

By Marcus Riquier | August 22nd, 2016

Considering my background is bespoke software solutions, everyone always finds it odd that I both use WordPress and recommend it to (almost) everyone.

And so to clarify for everyone wondering, here is why it is my first choice.

WordPress is mature and not going anywhere

We build and advise on projects which have a lifecycle and will perform well through the lifecycle, not just on day one. Our view and what appears to be the perception across the industry is that a business website has a lifespan between 2-5 years. This means that you want a reliable solution which provides all the features you require and will require in the future. When I wrote this article it was only 49 days since the latest stable release of WordPress and there is a secure team of developers containing building the platform for the foreseeable future, I think it is safe to say WordPress might just be the most mature and stable framework to choose.

Contains all the latest features

WordPress helps our clients because it lets us focus on the visitors experience and not worry about how much time a certain feature would take. With 59.5% of all websites using a CMS (Content Management System) being built on WordPress, it should come as no surprise that WordPress has a wide community of users and companies who build and maintain a vast library of plugins and extensions to do just about anything you could imagine.

For instance we were recently investigating Google’s AMP pages and someone had already beat us to making a plugin which did it (actually there was a few to choose from). The fact is if it is a popular feature it is at most a couple of clicks away from being on your site.

Easy and fast to maintain

You know when I want things done? Now, and normally so do most of my clients.

WordPress allows us to make changes within a short turnaround, if not live in front of them, and that is a big plus for us. WordPress has made the process of setting up and configuring every last part of the website as simple as possible. Without any scripts to aid, deploying a brand new site may only take 10 minutes and another couple of hours before something production ready can be available. A big part of why this is possible with WordPress is that it enforces common standards across the web development industry. This makes it much easier to share knowledge between people, build plugins which ‘just work’ and collaborate on sites.

To sum up why I recommend WordPress, it is simple, reliable and gets the job done. Now unless you need something very customised or unique you will not find a better option.