Why Briefs Are Important

Not the kind you wear, although they are just as important.

By Lisa-May | September 27th, 2016


A design brief is needed for any project where you are unsure what you need but know you something has to be created to make a positive change in your business. This could be advertising, a print promo, branding or a logo – yes the last two are also different things. So why do we need a brief? And I say we, as both the client and designer benefits from this. It doesn’t matter who creates it initially but as long as one is agreed upon before the design process takes part. This ensures you won’t be horribly surprised with what is presented to you. It basically guarantees you are both on the same page – literally. Imagine going to the hairdresser and saying ‘I need a hair cut’. Sure, that’s normal people do that everyday. But then the hairdresser will say any or all of the following… ‘How much would you like off? Are you after a different style? Perhaps some colour as well? How often do you like to get it cut / change your look? No they are not just trying to upsell here, they are trying to make sure they have a happy customer. Now this may not be the best example as I’ve heard plenty of people whinge about what the hairdresser has done to their precious locks, but if you don’t let them know exactly what you want (or don’t want) they are expected to fill the blanks. Working with a designer is exactly the same. Yes we are the creative ones and don’t expect you to pre-design it for us or provide every single detail at the start but if over a quick chat the goals of the project can be established, they can then confirm with you what the final outcome should be without anyone freaking out.

What a Design Brief Will Generally Cover

So next time the boss says to you – we need a flyer for next week’s event – whip out that mini checklist and make it an easy process for yourself. Then you won’t have to ask 10 questions. Seperately. Via email. Each day. Alternatively, Canva offer a great free template to get that ball rolling.