Is Your Instagram Insta-Worthy?

By Hayley Sayers | November 3rd, 2016

Camera Photo

If you’re like me and spend too much of your life on Instagram then you know it’s all about the aesthetic. No one wants to look at a poorly created feed. Now that Instagram has boomed for both personal use and business, take on some tips to improve the quality of your feed.

Quality Pictures

This is a given. Your blurry, out of focus, wonky pictures won’t cut it here anymore. This is the first step to making your feed look ‘on point’ is good quality photos. My recommendation is to ditch the phone camera and use a quality compact or DSLR in order to ensure your photos are looking crisp.


Remember the days when those awful Instagram filters were cool? Times have changed. There are heaps of editing tools to enhance your Instagram pictures, from within the app itself to external apps such as VSCO. The tip here is to ensure your editing is consistent with your feed. Go for a look and stick with it.

Plan Your Feed

This is something you may not have given much thought about – how does your feed look like as a whole. When people view your profile this is what they see so you want it looking as spiffy as you can. Plan ahead and think about not having similar photos directly adjacent to each other either vertically or horizontally. Keep it mixed up to be pleasing to the eye.

Stick to a Theme

You want your feed to reflect you. Whatever you’re trying to communicate, keep it consistent with a theme. For example if you’re selling sports gear you should reflect this through your feed with images of various gear. Don’t try to mix it up too much or it can confuse people with the point of your feed.

Call To Actions

Instagram has recently introduced a function for business owners. Make the most of this by having a call to action button on your feed. The whole point of bringing people to your profile is because you want to take them somewhere right? You can use this by directing people to your business or encouraging them to contact you.

Now it’s time to check your instagram feed to see if it’s insta-worthy enough for your business.