Effective Facebook Advertising is Possible!

Social media is constantly evolving and it’s a struggle to keep up!

By Bonnie Stokes | December 9th, 2016


Many people have turned to Facebook for advertising – it makes sense, as so much of consumers time is screen time. Many, like me have been left wondering why the effectiveness of Facebook ads has been reducing while the cost sky rockets! The Solution, an easy and effective tool – Facebook Ads Manager. Ads Manager allows users to create ads to get the results they really want. You don’t need to keep paying more for fewer results! The days of simply boosting, closing your eyes and hoping for the best are gone. Here are the days of greater control and results. Before I discovered ads manager, I struggled to try align campaigns with objectives. I had a cluttered wall filled with boosted posts and the ability to only measure impressions – which wasn’t always ideal. With ads manager, a range of ad types are available, allowing ads to be matched with business objectives and goals to get real results.

How Ads Manager Can Help

Ads Manager splits campaigns in to three categories – awareness, consideration or conversion. Finally we are able to reach the targets we want. Facebook ads have a range of capabilities allowing precise targeting of people. Campaigns can now be tailored to lead generate, increase traffic to web pages and send ad’s straight to messenger inbox. Finally the most impressive element of business manager (in my opinion), the incredibly detailed analytics you can get for each ad set and campaign. Analytics allow you to measure the success of your ads and understand what is or isn’t effective for your business. The versatile and adaptable dashboard ensures you see what applies to your business specifically, allowing you to learn as you go and alter audiences and campaign types for future advertising. All in all, Facebook ads manager has taken a step forward to simpler and more effective social media advertising. The easy and ‘right in front of you’ dashboard coupled with analytics and precise targeting give you the best chance at the best results, and the best opportunity to understand the results too!