Digital New Year's Resolutions

It’s that time of year again.

By Hayley Sayers | December 22th, 2016

2017 is around the corner so it’s time to think of some digital resolutions for your business in the coming year. Here are some ideas you can use to start 2017 on the right foot.

Stick to a Regular Posting Schedule

Its too easy to go out all guns blazing at the beginning of the year and then forget about your posting as the year goes on. Set yourself a reasonable goal that you can maintain throughout the year. It might be 2 or 3 posts on your social media per week, and if anything exciting pops up along the way it’s a bonus.

Try Something New

If there’s a time to try something new make it now. There’s lots of new technologies out there you can use for your business. Just give it a whirl and something might work. Dabble in some remarketing, try a new social platform, test Instagram Stories, start a blog on your website. The possibilities are endless.

Constantly Create Fresh Content

Again it’s easy to get off on a good foot, but it doesn’t last. Regularly create fresh content for your business even if it’s once a month. If a few people contribute once a month you’ll be surprised with how much you have to share.

Make Everything Mobile

By now you should know mobile is the way to go. If you haven’t already made the switch 2017 is the time. Ensure your content on social platforms is optimised for mobile. Most importantly ensure your website is mobile friendly on all devices. There’s nothing worse than trying to navigate a desktop website on your phone.


Keep your social media social. Make a point to engage with your audience and make your customers your friends. Ask questions, respond to comments, reply to posts, and be interested in the people who are interested in you. This will make your customers feel valued while you build a strong relationship with them.

Refresh Your Website

Take a look at your website. A long hard look. See if there’s anything that needs attending, whether its broken links, images, updated content, or something that needs to be added. Take the time to make sure your online presence is looking it’s best.

Here’s to a happy digital new year.