The Best Social Media Spring Clean

By Josh White | September 13th, 2016

Social Media Flowers

It’s spring time, which means its the perfect time to make an inward assessment of your social media, gut it and re-secure it in a social media spring clean. Just like your spring cleaning at home and of your desk at work, it’s also a fantastic time to give your social media accounts a dust off. This isn’t a day’s worth of work by any means, but it’s a task many put off regardless. To make it easier, I’ve putting together a Social Media Spring Clean checklist. You’ll be ready to spring into action in no time!

Tips for your Social Media Spring Clean


Now is a better time than any to review your profile pictures and header/cover photos. For example, is there any photos looking worse for wear/not high quality/not on brand/not inline with current promotions? Whilst we are talking about business accounts mostly, perhaps a good opportunity to suss out whether that Linkedin or Google+ personal accounts are up to scratch as well, as they are most likely to be seen by those web explorers.


Bios and Descriptions are some of the most evergreen sections of your social. However this does not mean that they will be eternally relevant. Do the descriptions you gave these channels still match there current purpose? Can you make any quick updates to reflect your current situation and focus?

Priority One: Passwords

Update your passwords! I strongly suggest not a minor change as well. Adding a “123” or “!” may not be enough to keep the nasties out!

Administrative Rights

Review your admins, as well as those who have access to your passwords (obviously if you have people to cull from having Twitter access, the point above goes hand in hand with this). Who is an admin on each social media channel? Should they still have access? Is there anyone who should be added? These questions can span further into the apps that have access to your social accounts also – is there any apps which have access to your Twitter or Facebook that shouldn’t anymore? Remove them – keep everything easy to search through and manage.


This is actually going to be something that your email inbox thanks you for as well. By reviewing your notification settings on each of your different social media accounts, you can remove the annoying push notifications and unnecessary updates. Even further, you can edit the setting to any social media tools which you may be using (like Knackmap) which cuts down your notifications about irrelevant or non useful information even more. I highly recommend still getting notifications about some things, as you don’t want to miss anything important!


This would be one of the more laborious tasks of your spring clean. Your community is so important, even more so now when you have a pay to play reality on behemoths like Facebook and Linkedin. With an irrelevant or disengaged audience, you could be paying way too much for your results, or even worse, unnecessarily skewing results of your social media performance against you. Make sure you spend some time assessing who you are following, connected with and targeting. Again, if you are using a tool like Knackmap or Sprout Social, it’s a good time to clean out those monitoring and feed areas, so that you are only seeing the content that is relevant to you and your clients/workspace. Once this is all done you are going to feel social swell! More importantly, you should be feeling a lot more safe and secure after this social media spring clean. You will not have to worry about any of those nasty case studies about social media hackings happening to you!