Adwords Expanded Text Ads for Better Ads

By Peter Cornish | September 6th, 2016

Looking at Adwords

Google Adwords system dominates online advertising. Its timely updates ensures it keeps ahead of its competitors. The recent introduction of Expanded Text Ads is one of its more important updates in recent times.

Ads for a 'Mobile First' World

Expanded text ads are another Adwords initiative to support its advertising system in a ‘mobile first’ world. This is a world where mobile internet use now equals desktop, and is continuing to grow while desktop use has stabilized. Remember in February 2016 when Adwords killed off the right hand side ads in Google searches?

So What's Different with these Ads?

If your business is investing in Google Click advertising, then it’s important that your campaigns are taking advantage of this new important feature. To understand what is different with the new expanded text ads, let’s look at the ‘old’ standard ads formats

Standard Adwords Text Ads

Standard text ads consists of three lines and a URL:

'Standard Text Ad' Typical Layout

As someone who regularly produces Adwords campaigns, I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with the character length and editorial limitations imposed by Adwords. It is a major challenge to fit long words into this draconian ad format, let alone a cohesive value proposition.

Expanded Text Ads

The new Expands Text Ad format has much more generous character budgets:

What Does Expanded Text Ads Mean for You?

The Expanded Ad format allows for more detailed ad copy to:

This provides the opportunity for your ads to be more engaging, to attract more clicks and ultimately for you to win more business.